Pack your swimming trunks! Three pools for all ages.

Admittedly, one of them is only for older ages. The star of the house, our infinity-relax-pool on the roof terrace is only available to guests of 16 years and older. Here you swim towards the mountains and since you’ve got a 360-degree view it’s also the most popular selfie hot spot of many of our guests. But you could also just to count the surrounding mountain tops while relaxing on our massage beds. The pool is heated all year round (32°–35°, depending on the season).

I’ll stay here.

Relaxing – everywhere and at any time.

The indoor pool (32°–33°), through its big glass front offers a view of our garden. The countercurrent system and whirlpool make it the perfect pool for those who like to swim as well as those who just like to enjoy.
Our pool at the palm tree garden is a fun place for the whole family. It’s warmed by the sun and in the summer is perfectly refreshing!

At the Sky spa, right next to the panorama sauna you will find a chill-out room. Here you get a fantastic view over the nature park Texelgruppe while you really kick back and relax.
A little smaller but not one bit less cozy are the other two of our chill-out rooms in the Aquana spa downstairs. Here you relax on waterbeds or in front of effect fire.
The most spacious of our chill-out rooms has not walls at all: the garden and the roof terrace offer you plenty of private spaces between palms and olive trees.

Sweating with a view.

Panorama sauna at the Sky spa

Sweating with a view, though away from prying eyes. This waits you high above at the Sky spa on the third floor. Our biggest sauna, the new panorama sauna with up to 80°–90° is really hot. Several times per week as a highlight you get to experience sauna infusions.

Saunas at the Aquana spa

Finnish 80°–90°
Steam 45°
Organic herbal 65°

Sky spa infinity pool

360-degree view
Heated all year round
(32°–35°, depending on the season)

Relax in the garden

Extended Mediterranean garden with snuggly loungers for families and couples

Soothing massages

A massage helps with relaxation and is balm for the soul.


Close your eyes, switch off your mind.

Day Spa