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For families

Minigolf & adventure playground

At the minigolf course in Algund you might find out who’s the new minigolf champion. A soft breeze coming from the river Etsch helps you keep your cool. Refreshments are provided at Ivan’s, the small kiosk at the site.

Adjacent to the course the new extraordinary adventure playground is spread out over hills and meadows.

Adventure trails: Forest Adventure Path Aschbach + Nature and Adventure Trail Marling

Exercise and playful learning combined: the forest adventure trail in the mountain village of Aschbach provides fun insights into all things forest and wood. Experience the forest as a real treasure trove.
Balance and skill, you’ll need at the nature and adventure trail in Marling. It’s impossible to get bored with 26 different stations of games and knowledge, including a rope-parkour. If you didn’t have enough yet, you continue the hike on the Marlinger Waalweg below.

Air display at the bird center at the Tyrol Castle

Twice daily, below the former ancestral home of the duke of Tyrol you get the chance to see the king of the skies at close range. Eagles, vultures and hawks show off their skills. Furthermore, you get to know a lot of interesting facts about the life of these magnificent birds. A visit to the bird care center is also highly recommended.

Animal world Rainguthof

A virtual paradise for animals and children: At the Rainguthof in Gfrill close to Tisens the world is still perfect. Here live pigs, goats, ponies, and other animals right next to each other and love to be petted by young visitors. We also highly recommend the new dinosaur exhibition.

Waalweg path Algund

We love “our” Waalweg path. From here you get the best view of the Merano basin. On foot through the idyllic Grabbach path it takes 25 minutes to reach the Waalweg path, that runs above from Algund for six kilometers. A “Waal” is an artifically constructed irrigation channel, built since the 13th century. In order to maintain these water channels a small catwalk was built which is called a “Waalweg”.

Chair lift and basket lift

During a tour on the single chair lift to Vellau you will experience sheer nostalgia. A little further up from the center of Algund you’ll find the valley station. From here you will float high above wine slopes and forests up towards Vellau. Further you go in a basket lift that takes you up 1.550 meters to the Leiter Alm. This is the perfect starting point on the famous Alta Via di Merano ridgeway.

Stafell Alm and Assenhütte mountain hut in the pastures of Monte Cervina

One of our personal favorites is the Stafell Alm in the hiking area of Hirzer. Andi, the inn keeper will warmly welcome you and offer you characteristic alp-specialties directly from the farm.
Many trails lead up to the Stafell Alm. You decide if you prefer to approach this hike rather leisurely or if you feel like earning the dumplings and Kaiserscharrn.

If on your hike you follow the Almenweg further, after half an hour you will reach another one of our insider tips – the Assenhütte mountain hut. If from our terrace you look towards the Hirzer and Ifinger, you’ll notice a green triangle that stands out beneath the rough rock face. That is a beautiful small alp where you’ll have a magnificent view over Merano. You’ll get to enjoy this view best if you take a seat in one of the wooden deck chairs.
Three bike routes. Starting point? From the hotel, of course!

Bike route Vinschgau

What was formerly a roman trade route is nowadays probably the most popular bike route in South Tyrol. It extends through the whole of the Vinschgau, almost 80 kilometers up towards the lake Reschensee, where you can see the church tower stick out of the water. You can also take the tour in reverse. If you prefer to approach this trip in a more leisurely way, you’ll take the train, the Vinschgerbahn to Mals (about 60 kilometers). From here to Algund your only obstacle will be the headwinds.

Bike route Passeier

This nature bike route leads through the resort town of Merano and the Sissi Park directly into the beautiful Passeier valley all along a river by the same name, the Passer, which provides you with a cool breeze. Since there is only a small change in altitude this bike route is perfect for families with children.

Bike route Merano-Bolzano

This bike route goes by the name of apple bike route and connects the resort town of Merano with our regional capital Bolzano. The landscape directly on the cycle path consists mainly of fruit groves, but if you let your eyes wander a little further, you can see some South Tyrolean highlights: The villages of the Adige Valley, churches, many castles and castles on the slopes of the mountains. Length approx. 27 kilometers.


If you are a mountain biker, the Merano countryside has a lot on offer for you. Are you looking for the thrill on the downhill trails in Naturns or a challenging tour to the mystical “Stoanernen Mandln” from Merano 2000? In any case, this is exactly what you are looking for as a beginner, an advanced as well as a professional mountain biker.

You love company?

Our hotel is partnering with the Bike and Hike in Algund. Christoph and his team truly are bike pros. There’s nothing they don’t know!
With the free bike card that you get at our hotel you will get a discount on tours, repairs and rentals.


Merano has many faces, be it the capital of Tyrol under the Habsburgs, the resort town where the empress Sissi stayed, and Kafka found inspiration for his story of The Metamorphosis - when you take a stroll through Merano you’ll certainly get a feeling for the past … After shopping in the Merano Arcades, you’ll visit the old quarter Steinach that still testifies to the medieval crafts. If you explore one of the town’s numerous museums or enjoy the thermal bath, you’ll be captivated by the alpine-Mediterranean flair of this city. And don’t forget, Friday is market day.


Bolzano is the vibrant center of South Tyrol. Here the Mediterranean influence had its strongest impact. Enjoy an aperitif at the Walther square with Aperol Spritz and plenty of sun.
Just like in Merano the Arcades of Bolzano as well as the traditional fruit market provide for a great shopping experience. Also worth seeing is the city’s gothic cathedral. And don’t forget to visit the most famous South Tyrolian. After being stuck for 5.000 years in the Schnalstal glacier, the iceman “Oetzi” can now be admired at the museum of archeology.

The gardens of Trauttmansdorf Castle

What better to escape everyday worries than the beautiful gardens of Trauttmansdorf Castle. There are 80 different garden theme areas, observation decks, a water lily pond, and a Caribbean palm beach where you get to experience a cornucopia of colors, fragrances and emotions. The castle where, at the time, empress Sissi took accommodation during her spa visits is now a museum of tourism. There you will find information on the interesting history of tourism in South Tyrol. Personal highlight: a cake dating back to the year 1897, of which the empress ate a piece.

The Tappeiner and Gilf Promenade

The promenade in Merano leads up to the Wandelhalle, where South Tyrol's best artists of the 19th century have left unique paintings. At its other end Merano’s oldest bridge the “stony path” is located, and the Gilf Promenade begins. Because it is uniquely sheltered from the wind, a particularly lush vegetation of palm trees and Rhododendrons was able to grow here. The elaborately shaped tree-figures in particular are worth seeing as well as the “promenade of poetry” where the park benches are decorated with the prose of famous poets. The Powder Tower marks the beginning of the Trappeiner Promenade. It was constructed at the end of the 19th century thanks to the donation of the renowned doctor Franz Tappeiner. To this day it is one of the most beautiful, elevated promenades in Europe. More than 400 different plants grow alongside the walkway of about 6 kilometers. And the best part is, following it all the way you almost end up in Algund.

The Raffeiner World of Orchids

It’s raining? Even though that’s rather unlikely since Merano has about 300 days of sun per year, in case it does, you should really visit the Raffeiner World of Orchids in Gargazon. This exhibition is the ideal destination for a family trip. There are not just flowers on display but a koi-pond which also has turtles and all around there are parrots as well as butterflies.