Today …

We are two sisters and together with our parents we manage the wellness-hotel in Algund. It is our passion to pamper our guests. Jointly with our great staff we personally make sure that your vacation will be unforgettable. We love good food, fine wine and our beautiful small country South Tyrol.

Who are we? Our history.

Then …

During the late 50s our grandmother Antonia, whom we called Tona, inherited the so called “Dorner” meadow. There she soon had one of the first guest houses in Algund built, the then “Pension Dorner”. The early guests who spent their vacation at our house in Algund were offered a shared bathroom and running warm water – at that time an extraordinary luxury.

All for one and one for all.

Indeed, it takes quite a few helping hands that make it possible for us to manage our hotel passionately and with lifeblood. Each and every of our staff helps to turn your vacation in our hotel in Algund into something very special.

Our Team

Mama Andrea

She is working tirelessly, our manager and mother Andrea. She is the soul of this house and chiefly as a result of her kindness has a firm grip on everything and everybody. She doesn’t easily get herself worked up. Besides, she’s the also the best grandmother ever.


Mama Andrea being the model, Stefanie tries as best she can to follow in her steps. Since those are big steps she buckles down and can be found working the front desk as well as in service.


Carolin manages the Aquana spa from the hip while she focusses on pamering you. Her specialty is your beauty and the treatment method HAKI: the treatment particularly for cerebral personalities.

Papa Egon

His special field is our house’s wine cellar. You get to know his dynamic side on one of the hikes that he guides. And you won’t forget the ride on the hotel’s bus with him.

Our kitchen team

In our kitchen they handle the cooking spoon: Thomas Reiterer, our chef and Toni Alia, our sous-chef.


To always make sure that everything is sparkling clean in our house we have our special cleaning unit: Aida, Tanja, Nora and Christine, who has been with us now for more than 20 years already.


Love at first sight? That’s what you will experience when meeting our two gems at the front desk, Margit und Marta!


Fleet footed and snappy! Our service team: the two sommeliers Andrea and Gerd, Andrea our breakfast fairy, nestling Monika, allrounder Judit and Driton.

Our handyman!

Peter our facility manager, who’s also with our team for what feels like forever, and who knows Das Dorner inside and out.

Our Aquana Spa team

From head to toe you will be pampered by Katharina, Carolin and Stefanie (from left to right). With these three girls you are in the right hands when it comes to totally relax.

Pilates-pro Christian!

One of a kind. He is who he is. For some he might be peculiar. For himself and for us he is just right. Our guests as much as we ourselves love him!